Telman Orujev

Telman Khalil oglu Orujev was born in 1940 in Yevlakh district of the Azerbaijan Republic.
His father was killed in the battle of the World War II in 1943 near city Kharkov of Ukraine. Since he was brought and grew up under care and with help of his mother.
He graduated from the Azerbaijan State University in Baku with honours where also he was accepted to the membership of the Communist Party. After his study, he worked some months on his speciality, then passed to party’s work, became the instructor of the Beylagan (former Zhdanov) district party’s committee. During next years he has occupied the offices of the first secretary of the Beylagan district committee of the Comsomol, the second sectretary of the Beylagan district committee of the Communist Party. In 1971-73 he has studied in the High Party’s School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in Moscow, which also had graduated with honours. Since 1973 he has worked the inspector of the Central Committee of the Azerbaijan Communist Party, the first Secretary of the Aghdam district party’s committee, was at the head of four ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic Government. In 1987 he was selected the secretary of the Central Committee of the Azerbaijan Communist Party, in 1991 became the first deputy of the chairman of Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan Republic.
During twenty years was the member of the Parlament of the Azerbaijan Soviet Republic and sixteen years the member of Central Committee of the Azerbaijan Communist Party and last five years the member of its Bureau. He was regarded with order of the October Revolution and two orders of the Labour Red Banner.
Since 1990s he has occupied with literature activities. His articles were published in the Azerbaijan’s periodic press. In 2000 his two books were issued and now quantity of his books attains 14. His works concluded: The Spirit of the Time, They have trace in the History, The fragments of my life’s way, Album of the Thoughts, Ancient Rome: flow and ebb of power, USA: the way from cradle to peak, Echo of the Reality, Universal History in 3 volumes, The Life’s Kaleidoscope, The men who illuminated mankind’s vault of heaven in 2 volumes, The moment of penetrate to the Truth and novel The Love’s altar. Besides he translated two books from English: Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope and John Kennedy’s Profiles in Courage.
He has the use of English, Russian and Turkish languages, also he has known Spanish, Latin and French in unimportance level.
He had has been in many countries of Europe, former the Soviet Union, also in each two countries of North America and Africa, in three countries of Asia.
He is married, has one son, two daughters and five grandchildren.

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